Wednesday, September 14, 2016

John 12:23-29

John 12:23-29
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 Just imagine the conversation with a grain of wheat -- you'd have to convince it that being put in the ground and covered in dirt would lead to the best possible outcome.  Or picture the conversation with a fetus -- it has to leave behind everything it knows, pass through an immensely stressful and dangerous ordeal, but life will be better on the outside.
  These things just don't make sense.  To believe them, there has to be an immense amount of trust in what cannot be seen.  To believe that true and abundant life can begin only after giving up one's own life requires a step of faith that cannot be gained through a mental exercise -- it must be informed by thought, but it must also be pure faith in what cannot be grasped by the human mind.  We believe in what Christ tells us because he has demonstrated the veracity of his Word.  We believe in life beyond death because Christ showed us the Way.  We believe, but not because it always makes the most sense.  Rather, we believe because we trust that there is more to this life than the human mind and eye can grasp.

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