Monday, September 19, 2016

John 12:46-50

John 12:46-50
Contemporary English Version (CEV) 

  What's your guiding light?
  When you think about a guiding light, it's the one thing that occupies your heart and mind.  When you're looking for direction, you look towards the light.  When you're at a crossroads, that light is the thing that will lead you into the next step.  Lots of us haven't made intentional choices, but we've let life dictate what that light becomes.  It will often end up being a career or relationship, or maybe it's something different that defines our identity each and every week.  Sometimes, we'll take anything that offers direction, even if it's just momentary pleasure.
  When Christ offers to be light for our darkness, an amazing promise is made.  Christ offers to be an eternal light, one that will never go out or leave us in darkness.  It's a permanent offer, and it promises to light our way through the transition from death into eternal life.  Walk by his light and we walk into the light of God's grace.
  Walk by any other light, Christ tells us, and we risk being uncovered as frauds, or discovering that the light that led our way will be extinguished at exactly the wrong time.
  So let us choose the light of life and follow the challenging calls of discipleship, for in the darkest moments of life, that is the only light that will truly shine.

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