Wednesday, September 21, 2016

John 13:6-11

John 13:6-11
Contemporary English Version (CEV) 

 Now, if it was me, I would've brought up this point about Judas first, because then maybe Judas would have left and that would've been one less pair of feet to wash.  I'd have been able to cut down that less-than-pleasurable task by 1/12.
  Jesus, however, washes the feet of Judas.  He calls Judas and loves Judas and serves Judas despite Judas' rejection of him.  Judas will betray Jesus, but Jesus loves him all the same.
  What love is this!  Can you imagine such a love that receives wounds but never gives them?  Can you understand that God loves you with depth and power and without condition?  Can you receive such love?  Surely it is grander than the most beautiful sunset that ever has been, is purer than the newest snowfall in the most remote part of the world, is more perfect than anything that has ever been.  You are loved by a God who will stoop to wash your feet and will forgive whatever sins you may commit.
  You are loved.  Today, yesterday and forever.

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