Tuesday, September 13, 2016

John 12:20-22

John 12:20-22 
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 How many Bibles do you have in your house?  One?  Five?  Ten?   I'm willing to bet we have at least ten in our house.  Now, I may be a bit of an outlier as a minister, but most of us have ready access to at least one Bible.  We take it for granted (a little too much, probably).  If we want to know about Jesus, we can pick it up at our leisure and read what it says.
  But the Greeks couldn't have done so.  They heard the rumors, but to meet Jesus they had to travel.  They had to exert great effort and cost to discover if what was said about Jesus was true.  They risked much to find out if this was worth their lives.
  Around the world today, there are still many risking their lives for the Word of God.  Millions don't have ready access to Scripture, and there are people risking their lives to smuggle Scripture to them.  The Word of God is food for the soul, and when people are starving, others rush in to fill the void, to try and offer them the sustenance necessary, so that when they say they want to meet Jesus, there is a copy of the Bible around to introduce them to the Messiah.
  What would you risk to share the news about Jesus?  To what extent would you go so that another might hear the Good News?  Is it worth everything?

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