Wednesday, September 28, 2016

John 14:8-14

John 14:8-14
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  I think Jesus understands how hard it is to believe.  The disciples, the ones spending every day of three years with him, they're struggling to grasp how Jesus can be God.  Jesus is understandably patient and loving, trying to help them believe.  He tells them to trust in his word, and if his word isn't enough, he points to his actions.  Jesus is urging us to trust in him -- remember, his goal is not to lose a single sheep.
  And then he promises something amazing -- that the disciples will do even greater things.  He paints them a picture of an amazing future, and then reminds them that it will all be for the Father's glory.
  When you and I get discouraged, our vision tends to narrow to the immediate.  When I have a tough day at work and get home late, I get down and think it's always going to be like this.  When I get sick, I wonder if I'll always get healthy.  When I'm sad, I forget that I'll ever be happy again.
  Jesus, however, points to the long-term.  He tells us the amazing things that await us.  He reminds us of the glory of God that is in store in the future.  He reminds us that he is building us up for the future, for God's future, and that future is worth the wait.  In the darkest of nights, Jesus orients us towards the coming dawn.
  So be patient as you struggle with questions, with life.  Jesus has come for us, and he longs for us to grow into the future God has in store for us.  May the body of Christ surround you and remind you of that each and every day.

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