Tuesday, September 27, 2016

John 14:1-7

John 14:1-7
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  When Jesus leaves, he tells us what he will be doing until his return -- preparing a place for us.  He's not idly waiting for us to save the world.  He's not watching the debate thinking about how it might affect his places.  He's not twiddling his thumbs because he got distracted on the way back from the fridge.
  No, Jesus is actively at work, preparing a place for us.  He's thinking of you -- and he has promised to bring you back with him when he returns.
  Now, we have a lot of questions about what this return will look like and what it's going to be like after death.  To all of those questions, Jesus offers an answer:  Himself.  He is the way, the truth and the life.  To every question we have, he is the answer.  When we're uncertain about exactly what it means for God to love us and assure us a community in life and a life beyond death, we look to Christ.  We look to the example he set in his life, we study his teaching and his selfless death, and we wonder at the power of the resurrection to conquer death.
  When we are afraid, the way is to remember his promise to always be with us.
  When we are joyous, the truth is that our joy is a glimpse of the heavenly kingdom.
  When we are uncertain, the answer is to trust in God and take small steps, guided by the Holy Spirit    When we are facing death, the life is to trust in the God who has pierced the veil of death and points to the life on the other side
  In all of life, Christ is big enough and powerful enough to walk with us through each and every moment.  He is our everything.

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