Friday, September 23, 2016

John 13:21-30

John 13:21-30
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

   "And they just stared at each other."
  Isn't that great?  This is the inspired Word of God, the disciples who followed Jesus each and every day, and there were moments were they were just left staring at each other, uncertain of what to say.
  See, we think we have to have faith all figured out, as though we are supposed to know exactly what to say and do in each and every moment to live our faith.  But the disciples, who walked with Jesus every day for 3 years, sometimes got lost in the midst of what he was trying to teach them.  They didn't always know, but they kept coming back, asking questions and looking for answers.
  You aren't always going to know exactly what to say and do, and sometimes you're probably going to get it wrong.  You're going to try and share your faith or serve someone and it's not going to go just as you planned, and eventually you'll just find yourself staring around, wondering what happened.
  That's ok.  God still leads us and guides us, through the moments of confusion and into the future.  God doesn't give up us on when we're a bit lost -- he seeks us and finds us and leads us into the ways of life and peace.

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