Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Genesis 1:14-19

Genesis 1:14-19
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  When I was a kid, I thought good and evil worked like black and white, with clear barriers separating the two.  I imagined that temptation to do evil would always be clear, that you would see the demarcation well before crossed over, and that giving in would be a conscious choice.
  Instead, I now know that there is a twilight, a horizon where good and evil are not so clear, where day blends into night and a haze appears, obscuring the way forward.
  This is why it's good to pay attention in the middle of the day, to tune ourselves to the light, so that when we find ourselves in those gray areas, where wrong and right are not so clear, we recognize the path carved by the light and move towards that.  When we spend our time training ourselves to follow the light, our instincts will remind us when our sight fails us.

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