Friday, February 26, 2016

Genesis 7:8-16

Genesis 7:8-16
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  Sometimes, God closes doors.
  When I commit to things, I often like to leave doors open, just in case whatever I have chosen doesn't work out.  I like the security of knowing that in case things fall apart, I can go back to the safety I once knew.  It's a security blanket.
  But often, God calls us forward, and God encourages us to depend on him, not to try and rely on ourselves.  When we step forward in faith, we can sometimes sense the sound of the door closing behind us, and our first instinct is usually fear, because we know that we're committed.  In that moment, it's vital to remember that God is with us, and he has promised to never forsake or abandon us.  God was with Noah on the ark, God was with Jeremiah in his desolation, God will be with you in whatever you are facing.  The door closing behind you is the sound of God reminding you to lean into him, to trust him with all of your future and stop trying to secure yourself.  God's strength is enough, so rather than looking back in fear, may we look forward in hope, trusting the Rock of Ages to be with us always.

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