Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Genesis 2:10-17

Genesis 2:10-17
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  We were charged to care for the earth, and there was a restriction put upon us.  One simple restriction, but otherwise there was nothing but freedom.
  This was not enough, though.  It never is -- we grow so accustomed to our freedoms that we take them for granted, wanting more.  We grow angry at those who seek to limit us, rather than recognizing that some limits are there for our own good, to protect us.  Rather than seeing the speed limit as something to protect us, we chafe against it, believing it is some abstract limitation that slows us down.  Surely, only other people really need that.
  For Adam, he wanted to be like God.  It wasn't enough to play his role as well as he could.  He wanted more, and he wouldn't be satisfied until he could have it all, even if it wasn't all his to take.  The rules limited him, and he wouldn't have that.
  For us, I think we struggle against the limitations of our role.  Being human means we don't know everything -- there are things that we cannot grasp, because we are limited by time and space.  We don't have the answers to life's biggest questions, and rather than trust God and come to peace with our role, in our place, we grow angry at God for not giving us a complete understanding.  We resist God because he asks us to trust.
  It's not easy to trust, but God promises that we will one day understand.  Some day, we will have those answers, but until then, we are called to trust God and to trust his love, for we are human and he is God, and it is best that way.

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