Thursday, February 18, 2016

Genesis 3:20-24

Genesis 3:20-24
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  So God creates people to live in a loving relationship with him, and they disobey him.  What does God then do?
  God provides for the people in their disobedience.  Despite the people choosing not to obey him, God still provides animal skins for their welfare.  Everything has changed, and yet God's steady grace continues.
  So even in our sin, when we intentionally turn from God, God is still there, still loving and providing for us, encouraging us to turn back to him.
  We can't go back into Eden, to put all the sin back in the box and pretend it never happened, but we can go forward, into the future God has in store for us, awaiting what new things God might do today, trusting in his provision and love to always be there for us.

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