Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Genesis 6:11-22

Genesis 6:11-22
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  Every once in a while, a sports team I don't care for will lose a game in heartbreaking fashion, the kind of loss that sticks in your gut for a while.  Sometimes, I even manage to have some pity for the opposing fans, not because of the loss, but just because I know it has to be tough to stomach that kind of loss.
  In the same vein, I wonder how Noah reacted when he heard this news.  He must have been filled with gratitude that he and his family would be saved, but surely there was some sadness as he looked around at the world that was doomed, at the people who would be lost.  What about them?
  Noah did what he was told, obediently following God's Word, but there must have been some pain in knowing the fate of the rest of the world.
  How do we, as Christians, feel about the rest of the world?  Do we react with pain at the sorrow and brokenness of the world?  We're supposed to love what God loves, and we know that God loves everyone, everything.  When we see heartache and pain in the world, are we motivated to do something about it, or do we remain at a distance and watch, grateful that the tragedy didn't touch our lives?  We know how Jesus engaged in such instances, mixing his life with the messiness of others.  How do we react to the pain of the world?

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