Thursday, February 25, 2016

Genesis 7:1-7

Genesis 7:1-7
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  The story of Noah makes me think about how dependent we are on God. We forget this today, having surrounded ourselves with the idea that we are independent, self-determining people, but then a health crisis or some other event intervenes and we are reminded how small we are, how little we control, how much we don't know.
  Think of Noah and his family, the only humans on earth, alive on an ark filled with animals of every shape and size.  They are in a self-built boat, crafted by a man who had never built a boat before, being tossed about the waves of a sea covering the entire world.  Think they felt small?  The only way they would survive was through God's gracious provision.
  In the same manner, the only way we survive is because God leads us through, day by day.  Today is a gift from God.  Our lives, our abilities, our relationships are all gifts from God, given freely, even though we have not earned them.  We depend completely on God whether or not we choose to acknowledge this.
  May we have the wisdom to whisper a word of thanks, and may we have the humility to recognize that the world does not depend on us, but rather we are part of it due to the graciousness of God.

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