Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Genesis 1:9-13

Genesis 1:9-13
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  At a certain point in creation, had you appeared on the scene at that stage, you might have wondered what God was doing.  You would have looked down and seen water and dry ground separated, but nothing else.  It might have been neat, but you would have been curious about what might occur, about its purpose and the reason for God creating it.  A barren planet doesn't help much.
  But God wasn't finished yet.  God was going to fill the earth with plants.  The dry ground would become a verdant ecology capable of hosting all types of life.  But at one point is was just dry ground, waiting to receive what God had in store for it.
  So it is with us -- we're not finished yet.  If we're looking around wondering what God is doing, we need to remember that God is still at work in you, and while you may not fully understand everything just yet, there is still growth left for you.  We need to be still and continue to receive from God, so that the things God has done will begin to make sense as we move into the future.
  This is why we create space in our room for God to speak to us -- because the ongoing work God is doing is revealed day by day, but we often miss it because we're not listening, because we're not ever still or silent enough for God to call us into the future.  So be still, and trust God.

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