Monday, February 15, 2016

Genesis 3:6-8

Genesis 3:6-8
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  Isn't it fascinating the transition that happens here -- Adam & Eve see something alluring, something they believe will add to their lives, so they reach out and take it... and as soon as they do, what's the first thing they notice?  They notice their lack.  They are acutely aware not of what they have gained, but what they do not have.  Never before had they noticed this, but as soon as they reached for more than what they had, they began to realize what they had been missing all along, even though it had never been a problem before.
  Satan weaves such complicated lies, but one of the deepest ones teaches us to never be satisfied.  We reach for more, and in the process what we actually grasp is our awareness that we don't have everything.  We go and buy more, and somehow the only feeling we retain is what we do not have, rather than an overwhelming sense of gratitude at what we do have.
  God promises to satisfy our desires, to fill our needs.  God doesn't promise us that we will have everything we could possibly want, but that we will be fully satisfied in him, and we will find peace from the relentless striving to keep up with the material world.  Our very souls will be satisfied.
  So may we practice gratitude, and when we feel that arm reaching out for more, may we recognize that getting more stuff may not lead us down the path we expect.

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