Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Genesis 6:1-10

Genesis 6:1-10
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  I can't fully explain the first few verses of this chapter.  My study Bible indicates that it is a continuation of the fall -- something good in God's creation sees something alluring and then wrongfully takes it, continuing the trend of pursuing the selfish desires over what is right.
  People on earth are fully living this trend.  Evil had taken such a hold of people's hearts that God was sorry he had created humans.  No one was striving to serve God.  No one was pursuing a loving relationship with God.  People sought what they wanted, ignoring the reality of God and his great love for us.
  Noah, however, pleased God.  Noah lived a life of faithfulness and integrity in the midst of chaos and disorder.  Noah didn't do what was popular; Noah did what was right.  Noah was obedient, even though the spirit of the time was to be selfish.
  Noah sets an example.  It couldn't have been easy to live with integrity at such a time.  Surely there was pressure to go with the crowd.  In such times, it's hard to pay attention to one's own desires and impulses and rein them in, pursuing a faithful life.
  But Noah sought what was good, what was right, and this brought praise and honor to God.  May we have the courage to do the same.

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