Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Genesis 11:1-9

Genesis 11:1-9
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  What is the ultimate object of your life?
  Here in the story of Babel, we find a group of people who believed that glorifying themselves was the highest and best use of their lives.  Their energy and their intelligence was channeled to this one central objective:  making the most of themselves.  Surely there could be no one else worthy of such an effort that could consume a life.  Their tower would not only be a monument to their great wisdom and achievement, but it would stand to remind all those surrounding them of their superiority.
  This is folly, of course, but it doesn't stop us from pursuing the same path.  We invest our energy and our life in building temporary monuments to ourselves.  We place ourselves at the center of our life, thinking that we have to get everything we can out of this life, that all of our life should be directed toward bringing pleasure and enjoying to ourselves.  How many advertisements have you seen feed this, promising to help you wring every ounce out of life?
  It's good to enjoy this life, but we need to remember our place, too.  We are created beings with a Creator who loves us.  We owe our ultimate loyalty not to ourselves, but to God.  We exist because he has made us, and we exist to bring him glory.  We can do this through enjoying our life and expressing gratitude for our gifts by using them, but the ultimate goal is not to make much of us.  God promises that if we make much of him, we will share in the eternal glory of Christ forever.

  What is a better object than that?

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