Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Genesis 18:16-33

Genesis 18:16-33
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 I love this passage because it reveals so much about the character of God.
  This passage tells me how deeply sin grieves the heart of God.  Sin isn't something to be taken lightly, something to be laughed off or trifled with..  Sin is serious business, something to flee from and take great pains to defeat.  I don't think we take sin seriously enough -- we flirt with it, ignoring its power or believing that it's not that important.  Sin is hugely serious, and if we are to strive for faithful lives, we are to flee from sin as we turn ourselves to God.
  Also, this passage reveals how eager God is to forgive, to redeem, to save.  Abraham boldly bargains with God, hoping to save Sodom, and God is a willing participant.  God doesn't want to destroy the town, and is willing to spare it for ten good people.  Sadly, there aren't ten good people, but God is eager and willing to relent, if only a few people are willing to turn to God.
  May we trust the God who is eager to forgive, eager to save, willing to redeem us.

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