Monday, March 14, 2016

Genesis 18:1-15

Genesis 18:1-15
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  Just imagine that you reacted to visitors with the same attitude that Abraham did.
  Now, hospitality rules were different back then, and society was different, but still -- Abraham carries with him an urgency to serve, an attitude that insists on being deferential, a heart that is clearly focused on the needs of his guests, rather than thinking about what he might receive from this arrangement.  He isn't seeking honor for himself, but rather is seeking to serve these visitors.
  I don't have a heart like this.  I'm often so focused on whether or not someone else's needs might be an imposition on me.  I wonder what I might get out of such a visit.  I'm focused on me, and if I serve someone else in the meantime, that's great.
  It's a different mindset Abraham carries, to think of the other first.  I pray for a softer heart, one not so focused on myself, so that I might begin to see others with the same selfless love.

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