Thursday, March 3, 2016

Genesis 8:20-22

Genesis 8:20-22
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  So God makes a promise that we will carry forward in spite of our sin.  The earth will continue to move in cycles, and we will make our home in it, not having to fear God's reprisal for sin falling down on us.
  Later on, God makes a way for us through sin.  This way is not through another flood, but through Christ.  This transitions us from a people living in sin to a people living in hope.  While Noah didn't have to fear God's destruction falling again, there wasn't a way forward through sin.  That comes in Christ, the faithful Son who makes a path forward, who creates a way back into right relationship with God.
  While we wish there would never have needed to be a flood, we can rejoice that God didn't stop at merely saving us from earthly destruction -- in Christ, God provides an eternal home for us.

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