Friday, March 11, 2016

Genesis 15:1-6

Genesis 15:1-6
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 Faith often requires us to believe something that seems at odds with the evidence in the world around us.  For example, our faith calls us to love selflessly, which would seem like a very strange thing to do, considering that being selfish could make us better off financially, as well as keeping us from having too many other people make demands of us that could be emotionally costly.  Also, faith calls us to love deeply, which requires vulnerability, which could lead us to being hurt later on.  Faith calls for us to not put ourselves first, instead seeking to think of others before ourselves.
  Faith asks all this of us and more.  The promises we get in return are vastly more than we give up, but many of them cannot be seen, touched or heard.  Some of them come beyond the veil of death, a barrier around which we cannot peer.  God makes promises, and his track record of keeping promises is perfect, but we can look around and find conflicts that might make us wonder about God's reliability.
  Abraham believed, and the short-term sacrifices he made led him to a place where he realized the blessings of God and was astounded at all that God was doing.
  May we share the same belief, trusting in God to lead us forward into the abundant life.

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