Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday

Genesis 2:2-3
Contemporary English Version (CEV)
 The Seventh Day

  2 By the seventh day God had finished his work, and so he rested. 3 God blessed the seventh day and made it special because on that day he rested from his work.


  John 19:28-30
Contemporary English Version (CEV)
 The Death of Jesus

  28 Jesus knew that he had now finished his work. And in order to make the Scriptures come true, he said, “I am thirsty!” 29 A jar of cheap wine was there. Someone then soaked a sponge with the wine and held it up to Jesus' mouth on the stem of a hyssop plant. 30 After Jesus drank the wine, he said, “Everything is done!” He bowed his head and died.


  Revelation 21:5-7
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  5 Then the one sitting on the throne said: I am making everything new. Write down what I have said. My words are true and can be trusted. 6 Everything is finished! I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will freely give water from the life-giving fountain to everyone who is thirsty. 7 All who win the victory will be given these blessings. I will be their God, and they will be my people.


  What God begins, only God can finish.  The God who spoke the world into being, only he could finish his good work.  We could not have come along and finished it for him.
  The same God who enters creation as Jesus Christ, taking on our sins and ascending the cross for us -- only God could complete this work of atonement.  Note, however, what Jesus says before he gives up his life -- "It is finished."
  In other words, Christ has done all that needs to be done to atone for human sin.  Our work now is to accept this free gift of salvation with grateful hearts and to share the Good News.  We do not have to spend our lives trying to atone for our sins, trying to impress God by our words or deeds.  No, our task is to be amazed at the love that held God to the cross, to weep at the human violence that put him there, and to share the amazing & selfless love of God with others.  Trust that God has finished the work of atonement in the work and person of Jesus Christ, and let gratitude and awe guide you.
  For one day, God will bring creation to an end.  Only God can do this, and when he does, a new creation shall take its place.  What God has started, only God can conclude, and all things will be made new in the end.  We will receive new life, and the blessings of God will be of a greater magnitude than the sharpest human mind can imagine.  All this is made possible by what God has done and gives freely to you.

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