Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Genesis 21:1-8

Genesis 21:1-8
Contemporary English Version (CEV) 

  What's your limitation?
  There are dreams we have that we don't pursue because we don't have enough time/money/energy/etc.  Some of these things we admit and let them drift off on their own, while others we hold onto for years, hoping against hope, knowing deep inside that we may never pursue that.
  I think we do the same thing with spiritual disciplines.  We know deep within that we want to pursue a relationship with God at a deeper level, but we make excuses and accept limitations that may not be real.  We believe we don't have the time or energy or discipline to commit to something, so we accept the status quo and let our relationship suffer because of it.  We don't choose to wonder what might be if we looked at things in a different light, or tried something, no matter how impossible it might seem.
  God surprises us.  God can do things in our lives we might never have expected, if only we are willing to trust him and allow ourselves to be changed by his constant grace and relentless love.

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