Thursday, March 10, 2016

Genesis 12:10-20

Genesis 12:10-20
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  Sometimes, I really don't understand the Bible.  What was God doing, sending Abraham to Egypt to fool the king?  Was it only to enrich Abraham's wealth?  Was it to teach Abraham a further lesson about depending on God alone?
  I read a lot, and sometimes the unfurling of a plot is confusing.  There are times, especially in mysteries, when a paragraph or page or chapter seems designed to further cloud my mind.  I grow frustrated, wanting to understand everything, wishing I had some ability to see through the clouds so that I wouldn't have to wait to grasp the full meaning.
  The same is true in my life.  I often grow weary of not fully understanding the cause and effect of life's events.  What is the purpose of this, I wonder?  Why can I not fully grasp the meaning here?  (And what soon follows is my questioning God's goodness if I cannot understand the action!)  Where is God, and what is he doing?
  Patience and trust do not come easily to me, but God hasn't given up on me yet.  God is teaching me about slow trust, about taking life one day at a time, about the importance of understanding my role in our relationship -- God is God, and I am not.
  I don't see clearly yet, but someday, I shall, and in the meantime, I'm working to trust that it is enough.

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