Monday, March 7, 2016

Genesis 9:18-28

Genesis 9:18-28
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  This story, more than many Biblical stories, reminds me of how broken we are as people.  Noah of all people should know the consequences of sin, and he should be driven to avoid it.  But some time after the flood, when things have grown comfortable and that memory of the flood has faded, he finds himself in his tent, drunk and naked...
  In short, Noah forgot.  He forgot about how near temptation is, and he forgot about how dangerous sin can be.
  I've done this.  I grow comfortable, and I think I can handle temptation.  I grow comfortable, and I forget about all that Christ has done for me.  I allow other things in life to interfere with my relationship with God, and my spiritual life loses its sense of urgency, of intimacy.  When this happens, I don't rush out and make hundreds of rash decisions, but when I make decisions, I often don't consider the full weight of it.  I stop wondering what God would have me do in that situation, and I just do what I want.
  So let us rise each morning and let God's grace wash over us, renewing us.  May we be amazed, each day, at the glories of God's love.  May we constantly give thanks for Christ's sacrifice for us, and may we strive in all our moments to choose the path that best brings glory to God.

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