Friday, August 7, 2015

A Prayer for Friday, August 7

  There is much that divides us.  At times, it feels as though we are the Red Sea, parted by the arms of another, far apart and ready to crash into each other, hoping to conquer those who oppose us.
  I know that you have called us to be united around you, to be one church for your greater glory, but it is hard to set aside our differences and be as one people.
  Forgive us, Lord, for allowing our differences to divide us, for assigning roles as 'us' and 'them' to people, even though we are all in the same boat.  Forgive us, Lord, and help mend our broken structures.  We are imperfect, but you are lovely, perfect, and ready to use us as we are.  Help us catch your greater vision for your holy church, that we who have failed might get excited about what your Holy Spirit can do through us, for your Kingdom, rather than our own small kingdoms.


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