Monday, August 3, 2015

A Prayer for Monday, August 3

Good morning, Lord --
  A week awaits.  I know not what it holds, what encounters I may have, what wonders I may discover, what struggles await.  I have no idea what lurks beyond the present, and yet you know.  You know all that awaits, all that is yet to come, and your hand holds all of it.
  Lord, may I trust that I will be prepared for it, and in the middle of it, whatever it may be, may I be content to rest in your peace, to know that your love is guiding me.  Even in moments that are bigger then me, when all the world seems to swallow me up, may I believe that you hold me in your hand, and that I will emerge from that moment into the next, still in the palm of your hand, still living by your Word and your will.  Teach me to trust you, O Lord, in all I do.


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