Friday, August 7, 2015

Romans 4:18-25

Romans 4:18-25
English Standard Version (ESV)

  If you try and convince me to do something difficult, I can often come up with many reasons as to why this will never work.  I think about how I'm not good enough, about how I don't have the resources, about how I lack some critical element that will lead to success.
  Abraham, a man advanced in age, did not weaken due to the thought of his own shortcomings.  He focused on God, and what God can do, and in return God did amazing things through him.  Abraham was willing to trust that Almighty God could do amazing things through imperfect and feeble people.
  I don't know what God can do through me or you, but I do believe that it is far greater than we could accomplish on our own.  God channels his wisdom and might through us, using the lives of humble people to accomplish great things for God's glory.  It is our responsibility to trust in God and to focus on his strength, rather than our own weakness.

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