Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Romans 4:9-12

Romans 4:9-12
English Standard Version (ESV)

  Nothing like starting the morning with a discussion on circumcision...
  The reason for this conversation is that it was at the heart of the debate between Jews who believed that Christ was the Messiah who brought grace as a free gift to all who would receive it and Jews who believed that there had to be gates & markers for people to pass through on their way to faith.  There was a belief that someone had to undergo a certain ceremony in order to be categorized as true believers, and until they went through it, they simply couldn't advance to true belief.
  Paul, however, is going through Scripture and pointing out that faith has always been a gift from God.  There have been markers in the community, buy they come after the gift of faith from God.  First we receive, and then we respond.
  This is why it is important that we create room in our lives to hear from God.  God is always ready to speak before we are called to act.  God is always eager to lead us, but we need hearts willing to be led.  God loves you, and we need to hear his voice before we rush into our human busy-ness.
  So let us be careful how we schedule ourselves, so that we may make room to receive what God has to give us.

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