Monday, August 17, 2015

A Prayer for Monday, August 17

Holy God,
  Healing is such a slow process.
  Physical healing often takes much longer than I want it to, and sometimes the healing we pray for with passion doesn't come at all.
  Relationships can sometimes be damaged beyond repair.  We can work all we want, but sometimes the bridge is too feeble to bear the weight it once did.
  Mental healing can be tough as well.  For every step forward, there can often be five steps backwards, and the journey up can spiral down without ever asking for permission to do so.  Demons that lingered long ago can appear in unexpected ways, gripping us with their talons and suppressing our ability to reach for the power of hope.
  Lord, you have promised to walk every step of life with us, to never forsake or abandon us.  You have promised that even death itself shall not separate us from you, but when we are hurting, it can be so hard to reach for your hand.
  Remind me, great and intimate God, that you are near, always and forever, and that there is no damage that you cannot heal, be it healing that occurs in this life or beyond.  May I remember that the scope of life in your eyes is greater than what I can imagine, and that renewal can take unexpected journeys and bring me to new places that I never expected.  Even though I think I know the way, may I entrust my life to you, believing that each new hour will bring a new understanding of what true life is.


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