Thursday, August 20, 2015

Romans 6:20-23

Romans 6:20-23
English Standard Version (ESV)

  Notice the huge difference here between sin and God.  For sin, we earn the wages of death.  In summary, we toil under sin's heavy burden, spending a lifetime beneath its merciless whip and tasting its rebuke at every opportunity, recognizing the mirages of promise only in time for them to turn to dust in our throats.  To pledge one's labor to such a cause leads down a path of destruction.
  With God, however, there is eternal life, and it is a free gift.  We do not toil to earn it, but rather we receive it with open hands and open hearts, taking the free gift from a God eager to give.  We could not toil long enough to earn it, but we do not have to, because the God of grace is eager to give away this gift to all who turn to him.
  Seeing this contrast, which master will you choose to serve?  Who offers the better reward, and how can you lead your heart towards Christ today?

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