Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Prayer for Thursday, August 13

Holy God,
  I pray that today, I may love as you have loved.  Purely, without condition or expectation, ready to serve, not thinking of myself.
  What you did on the cross astounds me.  You set aside your rightful place.  You did not complain or cry out about what you rightfully deserved.  You instead thought of how many others would benefit from your sacrifice, and you loved us, even the ones who were directly putting you to death, even though many would simply heap scorn upon what you did.  You bled and died in the hopes that others would come to the foot of the cross and live, to be broken by the power of grace and restored you life.
  You astound me, Lord.  May I live in a place of grace and be freed by the power of love.


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