Monday, August 10, 2015

A prayer for Monday, August 10

Holy and awesome God,
  Thank you.
  You have painted incredible amounts of beauty into my life.  You have surrounded me with a house, given me plenty to eat, and there are people in my life who love me.  All of this is amazing to me.
  Yet, the most beautiful thing in my life may be the patches you have placed over the places where I made foolish choices and strayed far from you.  Scars remain, yet you tenderly mended my broken places, even when they were choices I made willingly.  I have been stubborn, and yet your patience remains, over and over again, and you are willing to heal, forgive and repair.  When I look back at the hurt I have caused and see the healing you have done, I am astounded at the beauty you have made through forgiveness of some of the darkest areas of my life.
  Thank you.


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