Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Prayer for Wednesday, August 5

  Your love is perfect.  You are the strong and mighty God, perfect in every way, loving and kind.  You have infinite wisdom and kindness.
  In Scripture, Daniel was thrown into the lions' den, but you were there already, at work to prepare a place for him that would be safe.  It must not have felt safe, but he trusted that you were there, that your kindness and power was at work, and that you had greater plans for him.
  In Scripture, Moses fled from Egypt, and you were already in the wilderness, ahead of Moses, preparing a place for him, preparing him as a shepherd for the people he would later lead.  You were there, working around him, whether or not he was aware of it, and you had greater plans for him.
  When Peter denied knowing you and fled in tears, you were already there, going ahead of him, a way prepared for him to return to a place of grace, a path forward already in mind that was so much more than he could have imagined in that tearful moment.
  There are so many instances where you are at work ahead of people.  Even Jonah, fleeing from your presence and your call, fled into your arms.
  Lord, remind me that you are at work all around me, that no matter which direction I go, you are already there, working, ready to lead me along a faithful path, even if it requires some difficult journeys backwards first.  I cannot run from your presence, for even if I made my bed in the depths, you are there.
  You have greater plans, and you can do immeasurably more than I ask or imagine.  May I trust in your will, O Lord, this and every day.


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