Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Romans 4:1-8

Romans 4:1-8
English Standard Version (ESV)

  Me?  I don't measure up so well.  When I compare myself to Abraham, to Daniel, to Jeremiah, to Paul... I have a lot of flaws.  I have weak faith, and my will is not so strong.  If getting into heaven depends on me imitating the spiritual giants, I'm in a boatload of trouble.
  But even Abraham didn't earn his way into God's good grace.  It was a gift, given by faith.  Abraham needed this gift.  So did Paul and Jeremiah and Pope John Paul II and everyone else who has ever lived.
  I need grace.  You need grace.
  The Good News is that we have grace, through Jesus Christ our Lord, our Savior, who freely gives the grace we need so that we might find forgiveness and hope.

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