Friday, June 26, 2009


Holy God,
We read about the church fathers who walked with you all the days of their lives. We hear about how you spoke and they listened to your words, your commands. We know about how you acted so the people might know that you are God.
Open my eyes so that I might see your faithfulness that surrounds me. Teach me not to focus on my own little world, but rather to see you acting in the world around me. You are so much greater than I, and yet I foolishly believe that my thoughts, my ways, and my deeds might somehow lead me to an understanding of you. You are great, holy and awesome, and while I can praise your name with my every breath, I will never fully grasp what it means for you to be my God. All I can do is leap in faith into your loving arms, arms that have been holding me my whole life long.

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