Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Stuff

I just finished reading I Was Right on Time by Buck O'Neil. Buck O'Neil played in the Negro Leagues alongside Satchel Paige, Cool Papa Bell and other Negro League giants. While he lived in the midst of segregation, he's not bitter or upset. He believes he came along at the right time, and he has a genuine love of life and a gratitude we would all do well to learn from. I'd recommend this light read if you love baseball or simply enjoy the musings of a grateful man who has seen and enjoyed more stories than he can fit into a small book.

A Facebook movie? Would that be exciting?

It's always tragic to watch others' flaws become public. The media runs the story over and over and we watch as lives are torn apart and it's just sad. I am grateful that my sins are not exposed in the national media.

News from Honduras

A review of the new Transformers movie: 'the script feels more compiled than written. Of course, the plot is thin and is only a means to lead to lots of robot rumbling. That's fine. But it feels as if this is a movie version of plywood—just random pieces of popular myth, thematic fodder, and common narrative haphazardly pressed together here and there.'

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