Friday, July 31, 2015

A Prayer for Friday, July 31

  Your love reigns.
  It reigns from the moment before creation, when there was a watery chaos and little else, except for Father, Son and Holy Ghost at peace in a loving relationship.
  In the moments after creation, when light and darkness were suddenly upon the earth, and planets came into being and plants and animals and humans, your love continued to reign.  It shone forth, brighter than the sun, and all must have been wondrous at that moment.
  It still is, but it is now tainted by sin, because humanity chose to worship things other than you.
  But still, your love reigns.  You have been at work in creation to redeem, to call back your beloved children, to restore peace and hope and justice in the world.  Sometimes we work with you, often we actively resist you, but still, your love reigns.
  It reigned from the cross, where our Savior was pierced for our sins.  It reigned from the tomb, where death clutched the body of your Son.  It reigned on Easter, when life burst forth from the tomb and all of creation once more had hope in you.
  It will always reign, in every corner of this galaxy, because you are all-powerful and eternal.  You are good, Lord, and I thank you for your generosity and grace.  May I love and serve you out of gratitude for all you have done.
  Your love reigns.  It had the first word, and it shall have the last.  Always, forever, Your love reigns.


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