Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Prayer for Thursday, July 23

  The world is a bright place.
  My computer screen glares at me all day, and when I turn from it, my phone is there to lure me in.  So much movement, so many things to catch my attention and draw me in.  When my attention span loses interest after 5 seconds, there is always a link to something new.  When I'm not staring at electronic screens, there are plenty of print media ads, each one bolder than the last, selling everything I could possibly want, drawing me in, deeper and deeper.
  Lord, you dwell in unapproachable light.  Nothing in heaven or earth can approach your glory.  In Revelation, words fall short of describing how glorious your throne room is.
  And yet, in my sin, I fail to allow myself to be captured by your glory.  It seems so distant, and I fail to understand it, so I settle for lesser things.
  Remind me to be in awe of you, O God, that I might remember my place and acknowledge that your glory is far greater than any glory I can find here on earth, be it in the admiration of others or the self-satisfaction of being 'successful' in the eyes of others.  Before I settle for the flash of this world, may I have the courage to dedicate myself to seeking to marvel at the light of your glory, that I may believe and proclaim that true glory and grace is found in you, and in you alone.


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