Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Prayer for Wednesday, July 15

Dear God,
  Remind me how small the world is.
  You have created the whole universe, and somewhere on the outskirts, there is a universe, and somewhere on the edge of that, there is a solar system, and in the heart of that, there is a planet.  All of the universe is held in your hand, and somehow you have a heart that loves me, and loves my neighbor, and the children in Africa and the refugees in Syria and the infants in North Korea... you love us all, each and every one of us, with an unimaginable love, a love so strong that nothing can separate us from it.
  Remind me of your love for all people, that I may seek to love and to serve, and use my life for the betterment of your creation.  May I not get absorbed in my own little world, but may I have the Holy Spirit wisdom to recognize that my world collides with the worlds of others, and we need each other, and I am called to selflessly think of others before myself.
  You have placed us here together, to love and serve you by loving and serving one another.  May my life honor and please you.


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