Friday, May 22, 2015

A Prayer for Friday, May 22

All powerful God,
  You have blessed today.  By your will it has come into being, and you have poured goodness and love into it.  Some of this love has been thwarted by the reality of evil among us, and some of it will be passed by due to busy-ness or apathy.
  But some will be captured and claimed, while still more will pass through the lives of the selfless and into the lives of those around them.  They will convey your love to others, and the world will be enriched by the giving acts of these faithful.
  Lord, may my life join this effort, as your love leads me forward, and may I lean into your grace as I attempt to navigate this blessed day.  May I be ever grateful and ever true, and when I stumble, knowingly or not, may I find forgiveness in your eyes and love in your hands.


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