Friday, May 29, 2015

A Prayer for Friday, May 29

Holy Lord,
  I wonder, sometimes, why you created.
  You have always existed in perfect love and completeness.  In the Trinity, there was no loneliness or fault.  Father, Son & Holy Spirit were perfect in relationship.
  When you created the world, and placed humans in it, you opened yourself up to hurt.  We rejected you, choosing instead to worship ourselves and follow our own dreams, rather than choosing to obey you, despite your commands leading us into deeper and richer lives.  We hurt you, and then we hurt each other and your beloved creation.
  Such a great mystery is your love for us that you have continued to love us despite our hurting you, and then you reached down in love, in Christ, and opened yourself up to even more pain in order to help us see the depths of your love.  I don't understand it, Lord, how you could will yourself to receive such rejection for the sake of love.
  Your love is great and wondrous and strong and eternal.  You love, Lord, and it amazes me.  It astounds me that you love us, that you love me.
  Thank you, Lord, for such love.  Teach me to love you, and to love all that you have created, with such free and wondrous and self-giving love, that I might, in some small way, point back to your amazing love with this life of mine.


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