Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Prayer for Thursday, May 21

  From heaven, you looked down.
  In the beginning, you looked out and saw nothing, for without you there is no creation, no worlds spinning, no stars bursting forth with light, no comets tracing their paths around the universe, careening with wild abandon and leaving an icy trail behind.
  Long ago, you looked down and saw earth filled with life, but you wanted to create in your own image, and so men and women were made, and you called us good.
  When sin tarnished your creation, you looked down in pity and love, and rather than stay fixed in the heavens, you came down, entering into creation and taking on the punishment of sin so that we might take on your glory, your life, your joy and your peace.
  You looked down, and then you acted.
  Grant us the courage to look with your eyes, to see the world as you see it, and to act, to follow your Holy Spirit into places that need your light to shine.  Grant us the grace to live with such passion that we serve willingly, recognizing how you are a God who washes the feet of others with patience and love.  Tender and fierce is your love, O God.

You looked down.  And you raised us up.


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