Monday, May 4, 2015

A Prayer for Monday, May 4

Holy God,
  On this new morning, may awe catch up with me, may it bowl me over, and may I lose myself in wonder.
  Your love stretches from age to age, and your mercy covers the horizons, so that I can never find myself beyond it's reach.  Your grace pours down from the heavens, and it drenches me, so that I am soaked to the soul.  Your goodness reigns, and I bow before your throne.
  You are good, Lord, even if I do not recognize or understand how you are at work.  At times my sin rages within me, because I selfishly demand one thing or another.  Quiet the storms within me, that I may patiently sit before you, learning from your kindness and grace, growing in love and faithfulness.
  Teach me to be confidant that you are more than enough for this curious soul.


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