Monday, May 18, 2015

Nehemiah 4:7-14

Nehemiah 4:7-14
English Standard Version (ESV)

   Two interesting things are happening here.  The first is that ultimate trust of their fate belongs to God.  They pray to God, continuing to turn to him in their hour of need.  They know that God is still with them, that God still loves them and cares for them and will guide them forward.  They never stop believing that God is with them.
  Secondly, they take action.  They recognize the reality of their opponents and take action to prepare themselves for what is to come.  They don't just stop acting -- their faith leads them into action.
  In the same way, our faith should lead us to action, too.  Our belief in God should have external effects on our lives, and we should be different people because of our faith in Christ.  Whether it is preparing for church or preparing to serve selflessly in your work or your neighborhood or your house, your faith should change you in this world.  We are not called to sit back and wait for heaven -- we are called to do our best to join with God in building his kingdom here on earth.

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