Monday, May 11, 2015

A Prayer for Monday, May 11

Holy God,
  You have promised that those who seek you will find you, if we seek you with all of our hearts.
  My heart, however, seems divided.  Part of it longs for your presence and love, and that part whispers in the midst of life, guiding me to places where you might feed my soul, where I might be comforted, where I might find your love.
  Much of my heart, however, is filled with carnal appetites, screaming for attention and fulfillment.  It doesn't deploy tact or subtly, rather demanding that I bow to its wants, or else it will scream louder.  I often follow this voice, as its demands seem so much more urgent.
  Create in me a new heart, O Lord, that I might allow you to lead me, to teach me, to guide me in your ways, that I might find true fulfillment in you.  Grant me the wisdom to recognize which appetites are harmful, and the strength to turn to you in the moments of their screaming, that I might find true life and peace in you, and in you alone, my Shepherd and King.


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