Friday, May 1, 2015

Jonah 2

Jonah 2
 English Standard Version (ESV)

 When the darkness closes in and all feels lost, there is still a light that shines in the darkness.
  Jonah has fled from God, directly disobeying his order.  God has brought a storm that leads to Jonah being tossed overboard into a violent storm.  Surely this is the end, right?  Surely, there is no hope for Jonah, especially since he has fled from God and has been swallowed by a giant fish.  This is how it Jonah goes, right?
  God never gives up.  There is never a situation in which God says we are too far gone.  God's love penetrates the deepest despair.  God reaches out, even if we have recoiled and rejected God.  God loves you, and God will pursue you, and there is hope for whatever situation you face.

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