Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Prayer for Tuesday, May 26

  Each morning the sun rises on the world.  As the world turns and the new day's light falls upon some new swath of earth, it reveals all sorts of brokenness.  We have turned from you in many different ways, choosing our own path to pursue our own goals, often ignoring your wisdom and the pleas of those who encourage us to return to your ways.
  And yet still, Lord, you are patient and kind.  You don't wipe us away as the petulant children we can sometimes be.  You reach out and invite us into your covenantal love.  You offer forgiveness and healing, promising to wash away the remnant and stain of each and every sin.  No matter how many times we turn from you, you rush to us and invite us back, calling out in love and seeking the lost and forsaken.  When we pursue our own goals, we often find you waiting at the end of a path that we thought would lead only to worldly fame.  You anticipate our moves and intercede on our behalf.  You are kind and gracious, even when we are undeserving.
  We are not worthy of such love, and yet you give it freely, because you are kind and gracious, steadfast and ever faithful.  Thank you, Lord, for such love, and may it transform the kind of people we are and the lives we choose to lead.


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