Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Prayer for Thursday, May 28

Holy God,
  You lead your people.
  Through all those years when they wandered in the wilderness, you were ever present, calling them forward, towards the Promised Land.  When the people strayed or grew angry because they didn't understand your ways, you continued to call them forward, towards life and towards the peace in you they craved, even when they weren't aware of it.  Your Holy Spirit is at work in the world, and even when I stop listening, the Spirit works inside of me, helping to open my eyes to your presence.
  You lead me, too.  You lead me through times of joy and times of chaos.  When I get stressed and stop listening to any voice but the anxious one telling me that I'll never make it, you lead me beside still waters where I might be refreshed by your grace that reminds me that I can endure because of your strength.  When I grow lonely and wonder if you are near, you lead me into an assurance of your presence, into a community that reinforces your grace.  When I am afraid, you lead me into a sense of peace due to your power, and I remember how small I am and how great is your love.  When I become prideful, you remind me that I cannot make it on my own, that I am dependent on you, that my only hope rests in you.
  You lead, Lord, and I hope to follow.  Help me structure my life so that I will always follow you, so that each and every day I will love and serve you more, out of gratitude and love for the patience you have shown to me.


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