Monday, June 1, 2015

A Prayer for Monday, June 1

Holy God,
  It's a new day.  The earth that you have made and continue to support has twirled in its orbit and the sun has started to rise, and today is filled with possibility.  Throughout today, your Spirit will be alive and you will be on the move, awakening hearts to the reality of your presence and opening eyes to your work in the midst of our broken and beautiful world.  May this life be interested in your work today.  May this heart break for the things that break your heart, and may these hands join in demonstrating your Kingdom to the world.
  You spent your earthly ministering serving those in need and loving those who were around you.  May I do the same, focused on the person in front of me, next to me, rather than worrying about so many distant and unfounded things.  May this moment be an offering to you, and when it is finished, may I turn to the next, taking things one step, one person, one word and one action at a time, ensuring that it glorifies you, and then, and only then, moving forward.  Keep me from rushing into the future -- may I trust that it will arrive on your time, and that I will be strengthened for the moment when it arrives.


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